Dr. Joan

Dr. Schmitt  Graduated From
Bishop Byrne High School in Memphis, Tn in  1969.
She then went on to attend Memphis State University for Pre-Dental in  1969-1971  and  1978-1980
Graduated from University of TN College of Dentistry (DDS) in  1984.
Graduated Baylor College of Dentistry (Master of Science in Dentistry-Periodontology) in  1986
Private Practice Limited to Periodontics  1986-Present  in Memphis, Tn
Private Practice Limited to Periodontics  2009-Present  in Elizabethton, TN
Private Practice Limited to Periodontics  2014-Present  in Bristol, VA
Past Member of Memphis Dental Society, TN Dental Association, and the American Academy of Periodontology
Clinical Instructor University of TN College of Dentistry in Undergraduate Periodontics, Graduate Periodontics and Dental Hygiene
Course Director Coronal Polishing Course for dental assistants (TDA)   1992-Present
Member TN Dental Board   1999-2002
Keystone Dental Care, Inc board Member   2012-2015
Keystone Dental Care, Inc volunteer   2010-2014
Keystone Dental Care, Inc Dental Staff   2014-2015
Keystone Dental Care, Inc Clinical Director   2015-2019



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" I have been a friend and patient of Dr. Joan Schmitt for over 12 years. She is one of the most caring, honest and knowledgeable physicians that I have ever met. Dr. Schmitt is always available for her patients  and will always do what is best for them.    
Her team including Kelsie and Shirley really care  and always go the extra mile to help.  I have recommended many patients to Dr. Schmitt and have always known that under her care, I am in the best hands! "

“Dr. Schmitt is the most caring, compassionate dentist you'll ever meet.
The care she gives is above and beyond every time!”

Melanie M.
Millington, TN

A. Kay
Collierville, TN



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